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MaterialIron & Carbon Steel
BrandRK Hook
CapacitySmooth Rotating (1yr)
CarePut Oil twice in a weak

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Shuttle for Sewing Machine

A shuttle for sewing machine is a small, curved metal device that holds the bobbin with the Case and allows the thread to pass through it. It moves back and forth in the shuttle race, a long groove in the sewing machine’s bobbin case.

Sewing machine shuttle

The shuttle works with the sewing machine’s needle to form stitches. As the needle moves up and down, it passes through the fabric and creates a loop of thread. The shuttle then carries the bobbin thread through the loop, creating a lockstitch.

Sewing machine shuttle assembly

Here we provide a video, and after watching it you can Clear Your Doubt.

There are different types of shuttles available for different types of sewing machines, such as oscillating shuttles, rotary shuttles, and vibrating shuttles. It’s important to use the correct type of shuttle for your sewing machine to ensure proper stitch formation and prevent damage to the machine.

Sewing machine shuttle price

There are various types of shuttles. but we always deliver Premium Quality products with 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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Weight60 g
Dimensions10 × 6 × 1 in



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